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Test - Evaluation Phase

As your program and systems evolve, analyses become more accurate and field data is used to supplement earlier models. SoHaR will support your program with:

  • Review of test procedures and plans

  • Evaluation of test data

  • Performing failure analysis: Provide detailed examination of failure logs to identify both anticipated and unanticipated failure modes, to assess the extent of conformance with requirements and uncovered safety hazards.

  • Calculate reliability and maintainability parameters (MTBFs, MTTRs, and recovery probabilities) using statistical methods based on MIL-HDBK-781 and related state of the art methods for Weibull analysis.

  • Generate System Safety Assessments

Throughout the program lifecycle you can count on SoHaR's team supporting you with the required reports and documentation, and presenting the effort at the appropriate boards and meetings. 

For more information about our program support services please contact us at [email protected]

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