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Tool Development

SoHaR's Software development team works with our RMA & Safety professionals to provide our customers with the most effective tools to deal with the "ilities": Reliability, Maintainability, Availability, Dependability, Safety and other Logistic challenges.

Our custom tools are developed to interface with your existing data bases, ERO system and other organization programs. Our programmers never work alone: they are always guided by the RMA professionals who have a good understanding of the challenges and pains that confront your engineers.

We focus on applications that:

  • Analyze failure and maintenance data

  • Model system dependability

  • Integrate different data sources

  • Simulate failure and recovery

Model and analyze business models dependent on RMA allocation.

For more information about some of our tool development services please see our case studies or contact us at [email protected]
(323) 410-0992

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