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Benefit of Sneak Circuit Analysis

SoHaR engineers are trained in performing sneak circuit analysis on a variety of systems from fuses, through emergency brakes, to amusement park rides. You name it; we've analyzed it.  Sneak Circuit Analysis is one of our main areas of expertise; we've even designed an automated tool to aid in this analysis. We base our analysis on your schematics and safety requirements.

Our Sneak Circuit Analysis will provide you with:

  • A list of sneak paths that can cause unintended action or mis-action

  • Severity analysis of sneak paths (based on your safety requirements)

  • Design fixes that will eliminate the sneak path and/or its unwanted consequence

When designing to safety specifications we are usually aware of potential safety risks arising from system failures and user error. It is more difficult to account for design errors that may not cause trouble under normal conditions but can lead to disaster under anomalous conditions. Sneak Circuit Analysis reviews all the paths to irreversible action and ensures that none are dangerous.


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