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Sneak Circuit Analysis

Sneak Circuit Analysis is an important task in the safety analysis of systems that are responsible for irreversible actions (fuses, emergency brakes, etc.) The analysis ensures that inadvertent action (or mis-action) cannot be caused because of a design flaw.

SoHaR is a pioneer in the effort to streamline sneak circuit analysis and reduce the effort and cost involved in a comprehensive analysis. SoHaR has developed a method/algorithm that does not require or even make use of traditional network trees, but rather focuses on circuit components which can conduct current in either direction depending upon the switching state of the circuit thus allowing for sneak paths. This method lends itself to automation which has been implemented in our tool SCAT The automated procedure provides the design engineer or reliability analyst with a simple yet powerful tool for rapidly identifying and correcting sneak paths.  Furthermore, the analyst's task is reduced to evaluating the significance of specific potential sneak paths rather than applying "clue lists" to circuit patterns for identifying the sneak paths. 

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