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Safety Analysis Overview

SoHaR products and services are dedicated to system safety.
SoHaR provides a "one stop solution" for continuous safety and reliability.

SoHaR supports its customers through the entire Safety Assessment process:
  • Creation and approval of Functional Hazard Analysis (FHA)
  • Preliminary System Safety Assessment (PSSA)
  • Underlining Reliability, FMEA, FTA
  • Common Cause Analysis (CCA)
  • Presentation of the SSA to regulatory authorities
  • Reliability Maturity Plan

    As part of the safety assessment program, SoHaR provides its customers with a comprehensive Reliability and Safety Database, which complies with safety standards such as SAE APR4761, SAE 4754A, FAR/CS 25.1309 and others.

    As a Group we  are a world leader in Safety and Mission Assurance and has performed hundreds of Safety projects for some of the world leading organizations.

    SoHaR guarantees the SSA process to be timely, well documented for regulatory authorities and easily reproducible for your next project or modification.
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