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Reliability Analysis

What is reliability analysis?

Reliability analysis includes a complex of procedures related to performing quantitative assessments of developed product at every stage of its life cycle.

Reliability analysis includes reliability calculations performed at the stages of preliminary design and detailed design, failure data analysis based on the results of special tests and operating testing as well as data received from a customer/user. Performing quantitative assessments of different aspects of maintenance, including spare supply, is often a part of reliability analysis.

Based on reliability analysis, product developers and manufacturers can take real efforts to improve reliability and maintenance quality.

At preliminary design stage, reliability analysis includes:
1. Selecting product reliability indexes that specify this product
2. Assigning quantitative reliability standards (requirements)
3. Developing estimation mathematical model to describe product operation
4. Performing quantitative calculations to verify a compliance of results with product reliability requirements

Following the results of 1st phase of reliability analysis, the developer carries out necessary changes in selecting component; forming system structure (adding necessary backup) and operation principles (e.g. use of continuous/intermittent availability monitoring).

At stage of detailed design, reliability analysis includes:
1. Implementing all recommendations for improving reliability, obtained as results of reliability analysis at previous stage, as design solutions
2. Developing detailed mathematical model of the system for which reliability calculation with use of statistical reliability data of applied component is performed
3. Calculating periodicity of preventive actions and optimal spare parts provisioning

After building experimental model, reliability determination tests are performed to verify numbers, achieved as results of reliability analysis calculations. Based on results of reliability tests, successive efforts are undertaken to improve reliability and carry out maintenance and repair works.

At stage of experimental operation, the following steps must be performed:
1. detailed analysis of system operation
2. additional reliability analysis based on statistical data obtained with final adjustment of design and engineering solutions before serial production

At real operation of a product by the customer/user, the system of statistical reliability data collection should be organized (this requirement is absolute for any military-oriented system). These data together with the claims received from operational locations of the product, are used by system developers to perform current reliability analysis, resulting in new recommendations for maintenance.

On basis of the same reliability analysis the developer generates, if necessary, the requirements to the following system modification and modernization.

Reliability Analysis Software
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