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Sneak Circuit Analysis Training

SoHaR offers a three day training program for electrical engineers learning to apply Sneak Circuit Analysis.  

The Course objectives are:

  • The student will understand why Sneak Circuit Analysis is required.
  • The student will know how to prepare for and conduct an SCA.
  • The student will know how to use automated SCA tool, SCAT.
  • The student will know how to generate and read a SCA Report

The course covers the following syllabus:

  1. Introduction & Background
  • Historical Background

  • Sneak Circuit Example

  • Conventional SCA Techniques

  • SoHaR's SCA Technique

  1. Sneak Conditions
  • Sneak Paths

  • Sneak Timing

  • Sneak Indicators

  • Sneak Labels

  1. Schematic
  • Project

  • Overall schematic

  • Digital sheets

  • Analog sheets

  • Editing

  • Identification of drawing errors

  1. Steps of the Methodology
  1. Potential Design Concerns
  1. Tools Used for the Analysis
  • Guidelines for SCAT 5  

  • Netlist files

  • Prep for analysis

  • Running SCA and results

  1. Power-To-Power Tie analysis
  1. Software Sneak "circuit" - The ECT methodology

A group exercise will be held at the end of each day.

For more information about SoHaR's training program please contact us:

[email protected]
(323) 410-0992



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