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FMECA / Testability Analysis Software

Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA)
FMECA Libraries
FMECA Module Features
FMECA Standard Reports
Testability Analysis

Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) is a natural continuation, and in many cases inseparable part of the Reliability Analysis. Previously a separate software package, FMECA is now a fully-integrated RAM Commander module. FMECA software tool uses a product tree previously created by the RAM Commander user for the reliability analysis purposes.

FMECA Software Tool

The RAM Commander FMECA module is suitable for both hardware and functional approaches to FMECA, and fully complies with MIL-STD-1629 A, commercial standards, and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements. RAM Commander FMECA software module makes the FMEA process easy and visible: the product tree and the corresponding to each item sequence of Failure Modes => Next Higher Effects => End Effects are totally visible in the same window.
Extensive use of the FMECA Libraries facilitates the process even more and contributes to the accuracy of the performed analyses and reports. You can perform both the FMEA and FMECA calculating failure mode ratios, conditional probabilities and item criticality numbers.

FMECA Libraries
• Components - based on FMD-97
• Failure Modes
• End Effects & Severities
• Failure Mode Full Description
• Test methods and types

FMECA Module Features
• Multiple phases, different EE severity in different phases
• Full FM-NHE-EE chain input with unlimited number of NHE (Next Higher Effect)
• Functional Blocks, analysis on components or on functional level
• Customizable additional fields, customizable field names
• Reports: FMEA, Criticality Matrix, Criticality Analysis and more
• Graphical Fault Isolation Tree
• Fault Tree Report, automatical fault tree creation in FTA Software Module 
• Import/Export to and from Excel
• Report Generator

FMECA Standard Reports
• FMEA - MIL-STD-1629
• FMEA - GJB 1391-92
• FMEDA (Failure Mode, Effects and Diagnostics Analysis)
• Criticality Analysis - MIL-STD-1629
• Criticality Analysis - GJB 1391-92
• End Effects Criticality Numbers
• Criticality Matrix
• Fault Tree
• NHE Critcality
• Test methods
• BIT/Detection Coverage
• Fault Isolation Resolution

Testability Analysis
Testability Analysis sub-module of the FMECA module is intended for in-depth Testability analysis. The main characteristics of Testability - BIT/Detection Coverage and Fault Isolation Resolution - can be calculated for each maintenance level (Organizational, Intermediate, Depot) and for specific detection methods (BIT, BITE, external test equipment, etc.). Test method efficiency and indication are defined for each test method or a group of test methods.

Testability analysis is widely used for the development of necessary supporting documentation: maintenance manuals, troubleshooting procedures and inspection requirements.

FMECA Software Testability module - Test Coverage Report example
Test coverage report shows the percentage of failures covered by a chosen test.

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Download the latest version of RAM Commander V8.2 (November 2011)
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