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Design/Process FMEA Software Tool

Download the latest version of RAM Commander V8.2 (November 2011)
Formerly a separate package, Process and Design FMEA is now fully integrated in RAM Commander. This software tool performs Process/Design Potential Failure Mode and Effects Analysis. The uniqueness of the RAM Commander approach to process/design FMEA is reflected in the graphical presentation of the process flow or product design diagram:

Potential Failure Mode and Effects Analysis Software
Main window of the RAM Commander Process & Design FMEA

Decompose the system or process into components or sub-processes. For each functional block, define name & function, enter failure mode causes and effects manually or from the libraries. Process & Design FMEA module provides full graphical and textual visibility of the Potential Failure Mode => Cause => Effects chain.

What is A Potential Failure Mode?
The manner in which a component, subsystem, or system could potentially fail to meet the design intent. The potential failure mode could also be the cause of a potential failure mode in a higher level subsystem or system, or be the effect of a potential failure.

Potential FMEA failure cause information
Edit cause dialog contains corrective actions and RPN (risk priority number)

RAM Commander FMEA module contains also Decision Making support for possible recommended corrective actions brainstorming, recording and selection. Proposed corrective actions are recorded, prioritized using different criterias and selected:
FMEA Recommended Corrective Actions selection

Process/Design FMEA Features
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