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SoHaR, first and foremost, celebrates a profile of excellence that is a reflection of our belief that the only important component is the human component. We take pride in our ability to bring to every problem and challenge the best reliability and safety professionals, as well as the most comprehensive and Powerful Suite of Software Tools
Our team of expert engineers and reliability and safety professionals will lead your organization and products to safer and more reliable operation. Alternatively, we will be glad to offer our tools and guidance to enable your engineers to successfully perform all RMA and safety engineering tasks. Whether required by your customer, government regulation, or internal standards, we can help you meet all your reliability, maintainability, availability (RMA) and Safety requirements:


Since our founding in 1978 SoHaR has been involved in hundreds of commercial and government contracts
that have led to numerous successful R&D activities and an abundance of publications.

SoHaR's ability to support programs and projects in the wide areas of sustainability: reliability, maintainability,
 availability, safety and logistics, has lead us to successes in many industries and a variety of products and
services. Notable among these are projects in the domains of

  • air traffic control,
  • avionics,
  • flight control,
  • ground based support and control,
  • communication systems,
  • C3I and battle management,
  • safe MEMS fuse devices,
  • nuclear power,
  • space systems,
  • fault tolerant components and methods.

These successes are based on a wide portfolio of techniques and methods that enable us to pinpoint the
best solutions and processes to our customer's needs. Our work covers the gamut of program sustainability

  • Reliability, maintainability and availability prediction: from the most common components through one
    of a kind components and systems with complex usage and environment condition profiles.
  • Dependability modeling: Reliability Block Diagrams through Markov & Petri Net analysis and full scale
  • Safety Analysis: Hardware FMEA, Software FMEA, Fault Tree Analysis, Hazard analysis, Sneak Circuit
    Analysis, interdependent networks and vulnerabilities.
  • Logistics: spares optimization/analysis, Failure analysis, FRACAS (Failure Reporting Analysis and
    Corrective Action Systems).
  • LifeCycle Cost: analysis, optimization, risk assessment.

SoHaR Partners

SoHaR  enjoys  partnerships with  other  leading  service  providers  and  tool  developers.  We  believe  that
partnerships allow us to offer better and more cost effective services and products, and benefit our customers.
Please visit the PARTNERS page to learn more about some of our Partners!


Certification System Safety Assessment Preliminary System Safety Assessment (PSSA) Dependability Sneak Circuit Analysis Functional hazard analysis FMEA/FMECA FRACAS Maintainability Common cause analysis Spares requirements and optimization Design analysis Fault Tree analysis Failure analysis Software Hardware Weibull Markov RBD Software Hardware Software Rel Plan Reliability allocation Program Rel Plan Safety RMA
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